Woosley Riders - Past and Present

Woosley Tag Team
Woosley Tag Team members for the Noosa Festival of Surfing Teams Challenge 2013. Barry Davis, Mick Henderson, Bill Stewart, Tony Stewart and Dave Dunn.
Woosley Tag Team
Woosley Tag Team ready for the start of their heat in the teams challenge at the 2013 Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Graham Dickman with his 1968 Tracker
Dave Dunn 1968 tracker and one off butterfly logo
Bill and Bob Rogers Sep 1966
Leigh Phair with Rays board 1966

Lawrie Kavanagh
bill robert wayne rod tony
Bill Stewart, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, Robert August, Wayne Lynch, Rod Teys, Tony Stewart
Matt Keane and Tony Stewart
Matt Keane and Tony Stewart talking design with a couple of classic new Woosleys on the stands

...and let's not forget the girls

Tanya Binnings

Tanya Binnings with her brand new Woosley "Gull" surfboard at Freshwater, 1964. (Australian Boardrider Magazine courtesy Mick Vaisnys

Diane Knight

Miss Diane Knight - Miss board Rider No. 1 (1964) only 16 years old with a new Woosley Gull - Australian Boardrider Magazine, February 1964.

...and... !?

A new bunch of rogues trying to steal our thunder under the name of "WOOFLEY Surfboards"! Like their style!